Utillix maps the majority of sub-surface utilities and structures including water, gas, power, communication, recycled water, sewer line and storm water.
Utillix uses the industry standard colour codes: Blue for water, yellow for gas, red for power, white for communication, black for sewer line.
Utillix is an Enterprise solution. When your company starts a new project, you specify the location and Utillix obtains the most up-to-date information from utility map providers. You register your users, who then have access to the maps onsite via the Utillix app.
Yes. Utillix works across Android, IOS devices and web application through any browser.
For full functionality Utillix requires GPS and internet connectivity.
Utillix accepts maps in GIS format for conversion. Check with us for locations that have already been mapped where accurate and up-to-date information is currently available. If you need to access Dial Before You Dig maps in Australia, Utillix arranges this and provides you with access to an electronic version.