Mapping of Subsurface Utilities

Don’t know how to read or understand utility drawings or maps of underground services? Let Utillix do the work for you!

  • Utillix Pty. Ltd. provides a mapping redrafting service of construction drawings. Paper based drawings are converted into digitized versions.The digitized version of the drawings are reflected onto Google Maps on the Utillix software platform. This enables field-workers and others across the project to easily identify and access highlighted utility information of nearby subsurface infrastructure on their smart phones or tablets.

  • The Utillix Mapping Service removes the hassle of carrying so many drawings (which are often confusing and difficult to follow) into the field and interpreting the information from them.

  • This Mapping Service highlights and identifies the different “under-the-ground” utilities including water, gas, electricity, telecommunication etc. using the industry’s standard colour code.

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